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COVID-19 Testing Instructions

Our team at Skyline Pharmacy & Clinic is working hard around the clock in order to improve patients’ health outcomes and keep you safe during this difficult time.

*Please drive up to our curbside. Have your ID and form of payment ready. We accept HSA/FSA cards, all major credit cards and cash due before service.

*Rapid testing is resulted in 15 minutes and we will call you with the results. If you need a copy of your rapid results, you must request it and  then wait in the parking lot for a printed report. Please communicate that you will be waiting for a report at the time of your test. We do not email rapid results! 


*We do not accept medical insurance. However, if requested we will provide you with the information, such as Diagnosis Code etc., you need to submit to your insurance. Please note we do not fill out any forms. The patient must contact their insurance to obtain and fill out their form.

*In the event of rain, you will be directed to stand under the overhang for sample collection.

*Please do not block the entrance.

Make your booking below. If you need to cancel, reply to the email confirmation. Again, please do not call the location. Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.

COVID-19 Testing (*Done in Car*)
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